To strengthen the independent innovation development strength

XX company independent research and development of QAY500 all ground crane and the other two crane together, in the XX company shipyard base successfully will be more than 480 ton shipyard with gantry crane beam hoisting in place. According to introducing, this machine QAY500 all ground crane has completely independent intellectual property rights, technology and the world's advanced level synchronization, the biggest up weight can reach 500 tons.

Said XX, XX company has always been committed to build with independent intellectual property rights of the famous brand products, rely on technological innovation, in the fierce competition in the construction machinery industry to realize rapid development. According to the statistics, the XX group every year 5% of sales revenue for scientific research and development field. This year, the r&d cost proportion is to ascend to the sales revenue of 6%. The establishment of the XX technology center, in 437 state-level technology center in the first place, X5 in XX position. In January, XX company and investment of 434 million yuan to build (XX) machinery research institute.

XX company also strengthen the cultivation of talents and reserve. It with several colleges and scientific research institutions to carry out various forms of university-industry cooperation, constructing the r&d technology, technology, standard technology, information technology, management technology integration of integrated innovation system. The company set up the industry's first doctor workstation, there have been nine postdoctoral stops working. Now, more than 5000 scientific and technological personnel working in XX research positions, including 150 have master's degree or above, can lead the team to undertake the task of scientific research team of designers.
According to introducing, XX company has authorized a patent 369, a total of seven research awards.

Hydraulic parts and an application for a patent for the good news

Recently, XX hydraulic parts company to an application for a patent for the good news, two patents of utility model "cylinder pin pull pin unit" and "welding piston" has authorized, the two patents are used in large tonnage all ground crane boom cylinder and forklift truck cylinder, X fluid to promote the enterprise technology innovation and the formation of enterprise independent intellectual property rights, and promote the progress of production technology, improve the market competitiveness and economic efficiency, actively carry out work, an application for a patent for invention and encourage scientific and technological personnel made this year, eight patents of utility model patent won.

The company to develop lorry-mounted crane chassis

With the market trend of specialization is anacreontic, special car in car sales in the proportion of the more and more big. To increase product window, with the aid of internal resources, open up the domestic and international markets, XX car companies to develop lorry-mounted crane chassis.

Through the and XX lorry-mounted crane company communication, XX car company first developed market selling 4 x 2 and 8 x 4 lorry-mounted crane chassis. In the development process, technical personnel fully absorb the advantages of other manufacturers chassis, "joint lorry-mounted crane characteristics, to develop a strong applicability of special chassis, facilitate modification and better meet lorry-mounted crane function realization. At present already complete 4 x 2 and 8 x 4 lorry-mounted crane chassis development, test and evaluation work, and has the ability of small batch production.

To improve product lines to meet different users for lorry-mounted crane product demand, in addition to the existing 4 x 2 and 8 x 4 lorry-mounted crane chassis based on product configuration and upgrade the expansion of the XX motor company has began to develop the 6 x 2, 6 x 4 and 8 x 2 lorry-mounted crane special chassis for XX automobile comprehensive cut lorry-mounted crane product actively preparing for.

Engineering machinery exhibition harvest quite abundantly achieve a win-win situation

Engineering machinery exhibition, XX at the crane, loader, grader and other dozens of equipment, the area of 930 square meters. The relevant person in charge of XX company during the show to from construction machinery network edit table shows, the xiamen engineering machinery exhibition scale is not achieve ideal degree, but the organizing committee work very in place, to a certain extent, make up for the shortage. The exhibition, XX and including Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, customers at home and abroad have carried on the thorough communication and business negotiations, in terms of marketing, can achieve expected to XX in the future market development are of great help.

The author understands, XX very much since the foreign market, will be made for in the southeast coastal advanced manufacturing heavy to base,, XX will be according to the customer Suggestions in terms of product development, introduce more adapt to this a few pieces of the market demand of the products. This is the product of XX products selected the most suitable for the exhibition generation table model, especially for the hercynian market has a strong pertinence. Such as crane with ChangBeiShi, more suitable for complicated environmental needs.